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  • dr Bartłomiej Biga

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    Rakowicka 16, pok. 42

    Bartłomiej Biga, Ph.D – I’m involved in economic analysis of law and public policies – raging from theoretical approach (science), practical (implementations) and journal (being a guest in the media). I mostly put attention to the issues related to intellectual property – primary to copyrights and patents. I think that the highest efficiency is in the kind of intangible asset management, which is built on business models based on a wide conditional sharing.

    I got my Ph.D. in economics at Cracow University of Economics after the public defence of the thesis supervised by prof. Jerzy Hausner – “Economic and social analysis of inventions protection law”. I also graduated from two master faculties – administration and law – both at Jagiellonian University.

    I also completed barrister training and I was enrolled on the list of barristers. Moreover, I was engaged in a dozen of scientific and implementation projects acting as a law and economics expert.
    I work as an assistant professor at Public Administration Department of Cracow University of Economies. Additionally, I’m involved in a think tank called “Centre for Analysis of Jagiellonian Club”. And I run my blog about practical economy –
    My specializations and science interest include: law and economics, intellectual property law (mostly: inventions protection and copyrights), efficiency of public policies, functioning of public administration – mostly in the context of flexibility and predictability, managing of companies’ intangible assets, supporting better legislation, economy of culture.
    My passions are: art-rock music, Bridge and new technologies.