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  • dr Dominika Hołuj

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    Post-doctoral researcher. PhD in Economics (2011). Joined the UNESCO Chair for Heritage and Urban Studies (Krakow University of Economics) in 2011. A graduate of Krakow Academy of Economics (Master’s degree in Economics, Specialization: Public Economics and Administration, 2001). In the years 2001-2010 the coordinator of the control team at the Financial Control Department of the Regional Audit Chamber in Krakow. The Author of over
    25 scientific publications, including a monograph.

    Research interests:

    social participation, including its significance in cultural heritage management; economic and social values of cultural heritage; Conflicts in the spatial- functional change management; Urban development – contemporary paradigms of the development of urban centers. City functions; Cultural heritage as a development resource for
    the city; Circular economy – the re-use of cultural heritage resources; Local municipal government. Revitalization.