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    1st and 2nd degree regular and part-time studies

    We created this field of study bearing in mind changes to the traditional perception of administration as an exclusive domain of law and taking into account economic and organizational aspects in which a broadly understood public sphere functions.

    We prepare competent and ethical staff for the needs of public and private administration, with good knowledge of law and sound economic expertise. Our graduates obtain good education in administration, law, political science and management, which allows them to put their knowledge and skills to practice as well as to continue education in various fields of study. They possess skills of analytical thinking and are experienced in team problem-solving.

    Specificity of this field of study

    • possibility of complex professional and personal development, as well as pursuing non-scientific interests,
    • studies deeply rooted in social and economic practice,
    • science and teaching staff composed of scientists with experience in law, administration and business.

    Selected subjects
    • Administrative law and self-government communities law • Administrative proceedings and court proceedings • Public economic law • Tax law • Civil law with contracts in administration • Labor law and civil service law • Information and communication technologies law • Public procurement • The law and institutions of the EU • Macroeconomics • Microeconomics • Foundations of accounting • Public services marketing • Public management • Interpersonal communication • Negotiating techniques
    Where do our graduates work?
    • government and self-government administration • justice system administration • insurance companies • banks • consulting companies • universities • non-governmental organizations • business activity