• Polski

  • In Finance and Public Procurement specialization we offer classes in the following subjects:

    • Financing Public Procurement,
    • Managing European Union Funds,
    • Public-Private Partnership,
    • Finance Law in the EU,
    • Penal Fiscal Law,
    • Securities Law.

    The subjects are complementary, which provides students with complex analysis of normative solutions in: finance law – expanding on harmonized tax law, principles of acquiring financial means from the European Union budget and EFTA states, the rules of the European Union budget and the rules of public expenditure following the procedures of public procurement.

    A particularly important element of the studies is the analysis of material and procedural elements in Community directives concerning: value added tax, excise duty and rules of settlement of income tax by international corporations.

    In your classes you will:

    • have a possibility of learning not only normative solutions but also fundamental doctrinal views and judgments of Polish courts and the European Union Court of Justice,
    • acquire practical skills of settling indirect taxes, obtaining finance from the European Union budget and servicing the public procurement process, also in the public-private partnership version,
    • have an opportunity to develop competencies in running a company while studying securities law and penal fiscal law.