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    Public Economy and Administration

    Regular studies of 1st and 2nd degree and weekend studies of 2nd degree

    We educate economists for the public sector and its environment. We realize that without efficient public sector competitive economy cannot be built. Therefore our original, interdisciplinary program of studies guarantees gaining knowledge and competencies in administration, economics, law and management.

    We are convinced that competent managers, regardless of the place in which they work (an office, a private company or a non-governmental organization), should know and understand the rules of not only market economy but also public administration – in its government and self-government version.

    How can you put your knowledge in practice?
    We educate using modern didactic forms, such as: out-of-school Scientific Symposia, Oxford debates, seminars, multimedia projects, guest lectures delivered by practitioners. We offer you cooperation in the implementation of our projects.

    We give you many initiatives to enable you to use your knowledge in practice and to gain new experiences by, for example:

    • writing scientific articles to Symposium Newsletter,
    • publishing your articles in scientific books,
    • making your film documentaries,
    • organizing scientific conferences and seminars.

    Thanks to this experience you gain soft competencies, so appreciated by the market, such as: communication skills, teamworking skills, dealing with stress or working under time pressure. At present it is soft competencies that are given priority in the staff recruitment process.

    What makes us special?

    We put special emphasis on integration of our community by organizing a series of cultural and entertainment events, such as concerts, GAP Club Evenings, GAP expeditions, GAP carnival balls.

    What to do after GAP?
    The most important feature of GAP is that it does not block your further development path.
    Emphasizing the balance between knowledge, skills and social competencies, our graduates thrive in such diverse working environments as administration (which is obvious), industry, services and non-governmental organizations.
    The careers of our graduates are the best example of employment opportunities.

    Among our graduates we can find self-government and government clerks, politicians, social activists, entrepreneurs, analysts, bank officials, investors and investment advisors, journalists, scientists, advisor to President of Poland, commune secretary but also secretary of state, advisor in Permanent Representation of the Republic of Poland to the European Union in Brussels, chairman of the board of the tallest building in Poland, creator of a start-up hub, a drummer and even a famous fashion blogger.

    GAP helps you develop your passions and interests and transform them into your professional career.