• Polski

  • Specialization in English for Polish and foreign students.

    The aim of this specialization is to equip students in knowledge and skills in organization and management, change management, economics and leadership both in personal and institutional dimensions. The courses allow students to fully understand fundamental challenges facing leaders of public organizations, particularly in the international context.

    An important part of the program is devoted to building key competencies necessary to work in a multinational and international environment, for example effective communication and knowledge of cultural differences and issues of change management, using creativity and innovative approach to organizational management.

    Classes are taught by lecturers with extensive knowledge of public policies in the international context, the activity of the European Union, international organizations – both in theory and in practice. A team of Cracow University of Economics staff are supported here by representatives of other, Polish and foreign institutions.

    Where can I work after this specialization?

    Classes prepare to work in organizations of public sphere and its environment in various countries, especially in Europe, and in institutions where English is used as an important element of professional communication, for example:

    • EU institutions,
    • OECD,
    • World Bank,
    • European Investment Bank.

    After completing this program, graduates wil also be prepared to continue their education in 3rd degree studies in fields related to management, public policies, politics, finance, spatial management, etc.

    Why is it important and attractive?
    In the contemporary, globalized world, where change is the only constant element, intercultural competencies in management and leadership are of key importance in business relations.