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  • The aim of this specialization is to prepare modern management staff for public sector organizations. This especially concerns equipping students with knowledge and skills necessary to professionally and innovatively manage a modern public sector organization, in key areas for institutional development, that is: managing staff teams, motivating staff, internal communication, leadership, analyzing and diagnozing organizational problems.

    This is associated with the need for adopting novel management solutions, which often stem from private sector experience but which are also developed to satisfy the needs of contemporary, modernizing public administration.
    Management issues will be analyzed from the perspective of a public sector organization: self-government or government administration institution, but also from the perspective of other entities operating in public sphere.
    Classes are taught by research and teaching staff possessing practical and research experience in various aspects of managing public sector organizations.
    Where can I work after graduating from this specialization?
    Graduates are prepared to work on management posts and to perform supportive, advisory and managerial functions related to the issues of an organization, institutional operation and improvement in:

    • self-government and state administration offices,
    • organizational units of territorial self-government,
    • entities providing public services (Treasury companies, city and region partnerships),
    • private companies and non-governmental organizations performing services for public sector and society.

    Why is it important and attractive?

    Due to the complexity of the social and economic environment and the expectations that public tasks will be performed in line with valid law, effectively, economically and timely, contemporary organizations of public sector require professional, innovative, modern and efficient management.

    Competent management staff equipped with the ability to play the role of a leader of organizational and institutional changes and initiator of modernizing activities is vital for implementing solutions improving the organization and the way in which public sector institutions function, challenged by a difficult task of designing, organizing and delivering public services meeting the needs of contemporary society.