• Polski

  • In this area of studies you will gain knowledge and develop your skills of practical choice and application of various tools for analyzing and solving problems concerning the process of managing territorial self-government units, especially creating the development strategy and supervising its implementation, managing teams and shaping employment relations, managing changes and organization’s development as well as quality and security, public relations and customer service and creative problem-solving.

    Classes in this specialization are purely practical. We resign from the traditional distinction between lectures and classes and replace them with conversation classes and workshops. In classes we perform practical tasks and their effects form the basis for evaluating and passing the course.

    Where can I work after this specialization?

    Staff specialist and middle level manager in territorial self-government units, especially in town and commune offices and in district offices.

    What makes it important and attractive?

    This specialization is of fundamental significance for ensuring the efficient operations of several hundreds of territorial self-government units in Poland and thus it is necessary to satisfy the needs of citizens as recipients of these units’ services.
    A necessary condition for proper provision of these services is to have educated staff with competencies in planning, organizing, implementing and controlling processes.