• Polski

  • The aim of this specialization is to provide students with the knowledge of how territorial government of all levels functions, with particular emphasis on large cities, which strongly affect the neighboring space.

    The subjects you will study will help you gain knowledge and competencies allowing you to professionally perform public tasks in every kind of local entity and will make you aware of your rights, active citizens, for whom cooperation with local authorities will have no secrets.

    The profile of studies was prepared for those who would like to change the reality surrounding them, act for the benefit of their district, village, commune or town in public sphere or non-governmental sector and who know thay want to make an impact on how things are done in their local self-government.

    Graduates of this specialization are economists prepared to work in a team and individually for the benefit of local community. They are well-oriented in the issues of self-government administration, both theoretically (law, finance, management) and practically – knowing the reality in which local government units operate (self-government tasks, roles, tasks and responsibilities of self-government organ members, that is councillors (in a district or commune), commune heads, mayors and presidents of cities).

    Where can I work after this specialization?

    • territorial self-government units,
    • municipal companies,
    • district/town council,
    • non-governmental organizations (as a leader or activist of local communities).

    Why is it important and attractive?

    The power of self-government stems from the professionalism of its employees and the awareness and activity of its citizens, whose voice increasingly affects the development of their cities.