• Polski

  • Graduates in this specialization obtain the diploma of an engineer.

    A variety of subjects allows us to educate specialist dealing with various aspects of urban and spatial planning as well as dealing with management in self-government bodies and institutions, especially in departments of spatial planning, real estate management, urban planning and architecture, environment protection, development and promotion agencies, self-government administration units and in private enterprises.

    Graduates in engineering studies are additionally prepared to:

    • cooperate in creating land development plans and local plans,
    • write specialist engineering analyses, plans and designs of spatial transformations, taking into account
    • technical requirements of particular forms of development,
    • write spatial development studies and analyses,
    • prepare investment offers,
    • plan development of technical infrastructure systems,
    • plan transport systems and related transport service objects in urbanized areas,
    • cooperate in developing regional plans and plans for Euro-regions,
    • cooperate in developing plans of revitalizing urban areas and use basic tools of spatial (geographical) information system programs in spatial analyses as well as in the process of spatial planning and management,
    • work in design offices.