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  • About the Chair

    The Chair of Management of Public Organisation (CMPO) is a part of Department of Public Administration, in Faculty of Department of Economy and Public Administration since February 2017.
    The CPMPO’s research and didactic aims are initiating studies and integrating theoretical, methodological, and organizational-technical achievements in the field of public management.
    The above scope of activities is placed in the main discourse about paradigms, methodologies in organizational studies and public management. We emphasize the pragmatics of organisations in the public and social sphere which is expressed by studying and elaborating new action direction adequate d for different types of organisations. We assume that undertaking research should correspond to the needs and expectation formulated to organization operating in public and private sector as well as non-government organisations.
    Research areas
    • institutional development
    • public management
    • public management methodology
    • institutional economy
    • management in health care sector