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  • Computer labs & WiFi

    General Information

    The IT Center laboratories are designated for use by current students, faculty, and staff of our University. Computer science classes and homework activities are intended as primary use of the labs.


    IT Center Labs are located at the building A

    • main floor, level 0, rooms: 07, 09, 013, 014,
    • first floor, rooms 115, 116, 117, 118, 121, 122,
    • second floor, room 201

    Student’s e-mail account

    Your initial password at our servers

    For all enrolled students accounts are created automatically, based on the information received from Dean`s Office. Therefore, all need to be done to get an access is retrieving a password from the website.

    The activation mechanism allows you to get an initial password for the student servers. To obtain the password click the link initial password in the menu on the right. In order to authenticate, provide a few pieces of information in the boxes by entering your personal data. The data should be consistent with your student file in the Dean`s Office database.

    Please note, due to our security policy the initial password can be retrieved from computers located at our campus only. Also, we can not provide you the password or verify your personal data remotely, e.g. over the phone or via personal e-mail account.

    More information & contact to the System Administrators