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  • Support for disabled students

    We are concerned about the comfort of our disabled students – all the campus facilities are equipped with wheelchair ramps or lifts for the physically disabled as well as specially adjusted lavatories.

    Our University also has the special Office for Students with Disabilities which does its best to ensure all students with disabilities equal access to the educational offer, i.e.

    • helps students with disabilities integrate into academic community,
    • organises special courses and workshops to enable students with disabilities in order to raise their qualifications and thus to make them more employable
    • provides ongoing assistance to academic staff working with students with disabilities to raise their awareness, change their attitude towards persons with disabilities and break stereotypes.

    The Office for Students with Disabilities (BON) organizes extra support for students, incl. free psychological consultations in English and Russian. All students who are on exchange programmes or follow full-time studies at our University have the opportunity to benefit from the consultations.

    For more information visit the website of The Office for Students with Disabilities