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  • The course entitled will be focused primarily on getting to know basic information about the functioning of the GBS sector, both from the theoretical as well as practical side (thanks to case studies and study visits). We will signal the content that will be developed further ahead.

    You will:

    • know the historical context, evolution and basic principles of GBS,
    • know the potential and development trajectory of polish GBS,
    • be familiar with governance structure of shared services and know possible selected models of it,
    • understand the crucial role of human resources in GBS and know methods, which allow recruit and maintain high quality assets in this field,
    • know the role of supply chains in GBS and position of selected Krakow firms in this branch,
    • know opportunities connected with selected business techniques,
    • be able to work in small groups oriented to solve specific case studies connected with basic dilemmas of Krakow GBS sector.