• English

  • The aim of the course is to prepare students for work in a corporate environment. Course includes classes on subjects such as communication, collaboration and self-development in which you’ll learn about theoretical aspects of business communication (such as internal & external communication, direct communication, online communication) and usage of different types of business communication tools. You’ll also acquire skills in the field of communication in a corporate environment and collaboration in team. Course will prepare you to proactively identify and utilize internal learning and development opportunities to embrace your career.

    Classes are conducted in the form of group work and require activities in cooperation with business.

    You’ll be able to:

    • know business etiquette (formal corporate language and dress code rules and their application),
    • prepare and carry out business presentations,
    • prepare and lead business meeting,
    • use basic elements of design thinking,
    • work effectively in group,
    • written formal and informal business correspondence,
    • use online collaboration tools in business environment,
    • perform basic business negotiations,
    • work in a intercultural and remote business environment,
    • know and use group and individual development tools and methods in corporate environment.